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Neissany Property Development LLC

The Story behind our Company

My name is David Neissany and I am an experienced real estate investor based in New Jersey. I created this company to help families and individuals deal with the selling of their homes. 

Maybe you're about to lose your house because you've lost your job or maybe your mortgage payment is higher than what you can currently afford. It might be that you purchased your property at the peak of the market and now your house is worth less than the amount you owe. It might be that you inherited a home which you've been unable to sell because it is in such bad disrepair. Maybe you've tried to sell but your real estate agent hasn't been much help and you are left wondering if there is someone out there who will buy your house fast !

The Good News is we have a Solution

The solution is done in 5 easy steps that are hassle free and can be completed in amount of time. If your ready to get started click the link below and get in touch with us! 

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